The Key Jar

I am in LOVE with this jar that I made!  I saw it on a post from momastery ( and it's a big hit!

We've been taking questions from it daily. My favorite so far? "Who do you admire?" My son said "Jason" his friend next door and my daughter said "You, Mom, because you do so much for us." Made my heart happy! I highly suggest printing these out and making your own jar.

Project Life Baseball Page

My son is just the cutest when he plays ball!  He has so much fun and is such a joy to watch.  I bought  the Becky Higgins Baseball Project life cards a while ago with the anticipation of using them for when the kids when playing ball.  I'm really happy with how it came out and it was so quick to put together!

Week 4 Carter T-ball

Featured on the Sainsbury Blog

My blog has been featured on a site in the UK for DIY Christmas crafts!  I am so excited to be a part of this, if you get a chance, please check out the site:  My project is the Snowman door I did last year.

I am always amazed at the blogging world and how you can be connected to someone thousands of miles away in the UK through a blog.  I just want to thank Sainsbury for having me on their blog!

Rock Climbing Digital Pages

I decided to use some pre-made pages I had from Stampin UP for these two.  I love that Stampin UP lets you download .png files as well as for their software so that you can use in photoshop as well.
Here they are together as I'll put them in my album.

Week 13 B-Rock Climb

Week 13 A-Rock Climb

Project Life Pages, Week 12

Here are some new pages I did for my weekly project.  I have been slacking on this and need to get back to working on these.  Lately, I've just kind of been doing digital scrapbooking whenever I feel like it and need to get back to these weekly pages.  Anyway, I used the new Becky Higgins Project Life mini collection,  Dear Lizzy, Polka Dot Party for all the cards.  For the background I used a Jessica Sprague background that I received from her Digital Project Life class, and the template is a Project Life template from AC Digital.

Here is how they will look in my book:

Love the camera 4x6 card!