My Scrapbooking Journey

My Scrapbooking Journey began in 2003. All my life I wanted to do scrapbooking but I really didn't know how to begin. When I was younger I did a little of my own scrapbooking in my photo albums but nothing like I do today! In 2003 I was just beginning my married life. I was so in love and looking forward to our future together, I really didn't want to forget anything that was happening. At that time, I had a co-worker who was really into scrapbooking and she had a friend that sold Creative Memories. I thought, "perfect!", now I can capture the moments I cherish onto paper. I went to a "crop" at her house and there was no looking back!
This is my first ever scrapbook page. I can remember how nervous I was to get those photos down. I just remember thinking "how do I do this?". Well I do it just like I do today! I took a look at their scrapbooking styles and I infused it with my own ideas. I am still so proud of this page and the memories on it are priceless.
This was my second page. This is when I figured it might be nice for the two pages that lay next to each other to match.:-) When I started scrapbooking I wanted to capture not only the photos, but the memorabilia as well. Here I added the ribbon that was around the candles at our shower and the speech my Mother-in-law wrote for us at our shower. I still do this today. I save things and add them to my scrapbooks.
This is one of my more recent pages. A little more involved and a lot more journaling. I try to make sure I journal a lot, especially now that I have kids. I really do not want to forget these memories with them, they are so fleeting! They grow up way too fast. It's scary the way they grow but I am thankful for my scrapbooks as it helps me remember all the little things about them.
This was really fun to put together! Thanks to Nancy for the idea of a blog post about my scrapbooking journey. If you want to read how you can add one to your blog, check out her blog, Fancy with Nancy.


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  2. So cute! I love it. Your first attempt at scrapbooking was way better than mine! Thanks so much for sharing! I want to look at this album sometime! |

  3. great idea ! I'll have do this !
    but for me it would be a card making journey :)


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